Thursday, April 22, 2010

Port Placement Procedure

I'm home finally! The procedure to place the port took longer than expected because they couldn't get the tube to go into my jugular in my neck like they wanted it too. They tried in two places but it just wouldn't cooperate. So, they ended up putting it in a vein just under my clavicle which is not where they prefer it to be, but it works. I am uncomfortable and have a little bit of pain but I'm on Vicadin so it is taking the edge off. I'm just glad that the procedure is over! Thank you all so much for praying!



  1. So glad it is done and ready for the next step! I love you loads and keep holding on to God's unchanging hand!
    Mom D. ^j^

  2. Glad it went alright. You are on my heart. I pray God will give you a great, peaceful, lovely weekend to rest.