Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Chemo Regimen

Yesterday I started the 12 week chemo regimen of Taxol. I was going to have a second drug (carbo platinum) as well and then would have it also every 3rd week, but my doctor decided to wait on that drug because there is a clinical study opening up soon that is a new drug just specifically for women with triple negative breast cancer. It's a really exciting new drug that works really great. But, it is only given along with the carbo platinum drug. And if I was to have the carbo platinum drug now, I wouldn't be able to do the clinical study. So, anyway, long story short, I only had the Taxol yesterday and I have felt great yesterday and today! Hopefully I will feel great all of next week too because I go in for weekly treatments now! My doctor is still very pleased with the results of the chemo so far - still continual shrinkage of the tumors. We have been really happy with my doctor - God has definitely had His hand in this situation bringing us to the best doctors for me!

Anyway, thank you for continued prayers and encouragement!


  1. So happy to see continual good news here, Linda! Yay! I pray that you continue to feel great this week!

  2. Way to go Linda!! I knew that between you and the Lord you were going to make it through this with flying colors. Remember that I love you!! Linnea

  3. So happy that you feel good and that you may get a chance for the study. How exciting. We continue to pray for you and your fam. Love ya!

  4. Our Sweet Linda, We are keeping you in our hearts and prayers! May God be with you during these treatments.

    We love you,
    Mom & Dad ^j^

  5. Linda- you are so beautiful! I enjoyed your recital yesterday and I'm super proud of you. God is truly working in your life! I love you!